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The Steinman Touch

StreetsFor those that know the work of Jim Steinman, it takes only a few measures to ID one of his compositions. From the musical progressions to the lyrical angst of young love and lust, no other songwriter comes close to the sonic embrace of his music.

Most know him for his work with Meat Loaf...but he has provided star turns for Bonnie Tyler, Celine Dion and several others over the years. And, I've always imagined stringing his compositions into an epic musical...because virtually everything he writes sounds like it could have been snatched from the Broadway stage.

Indeed, he's tried. Whistle Down the Wind failed to emerge from its run in London in 2000 and Neverland never got much traction. But, the Bat Out of Hell musical showed significant promise last year during its run in London and Toronto. So, there is hope as it cycles back to London this spring.

On this Music Friday, we swing back to the movie musical "Streets of Fire," for which Jim provided the opening and closing songs. Of the two, "Nowhere Fast" is a favorite because it incorporates pieces of at least three other Steinman songs, giving it that instant, "oh wait, I've heard this" feeling...even though you haven't.

God's Speed, speed us away!



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