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They’re Coming for You

ZThere's a kind of pecking order for my musings. My Twitter feed is a series of often infrequent, random one-offs about whatever crosses my mind.

My blog, repurposed most weekdays through Facebook, is a slightly more focused screed, often addressing issues in Destination Marketing...but just as easily veering off to topics on life, air travel and music.

The Z-News is a mostly monthly opportunity for me to go long on topics exclusive to the Destination Marketing world, along with links to industry news about the people who power our world and a link to the most comprehensive DMO job board on the planet.

If you're in the DMO space and aren't a subscriber, you really should be...if for nothing else the links.

My Z-News Commentary from yesterday encapsulates my response to what's been happening in Florida...and is starting to spread across the country: The demonification of Destination Marketing. And, it requires an immediate response from all of us in the industry.

And, yes...we'll be far less heavy in this blog tomorrow, as it will be another Music Friday.

Request lines are open.

Bill Geist

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