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Time for a New Kind of News?

NewpaperandcoffeeA DMO friend recently asked a reporter why they never covered "good news." And, while most media types would cough and stall...this one was completely upfront with her answer: 75% of the newspaper's online traffic came from Facebook. And, the posts that earned the highest clicks were the ones that were the most sensational. Thus, good news didn't get covered because it didn't attract Facebook clicks.

What was that old line about the media? "If it bleeds, it leads?" different today. is different. With Facebook's new algorithms, media outlets don't have nearly the incentive to run incendiary stories that often place their destinations in a less than perfect light as they once did.

As Slate's Will Oremus recently opined, less news on Facebook might actually cleanse the news industry of "the toxic incentives of the algorithm on journalism."

Thus, this may be the time to reconnect with local media to suggest that, now that Facebook isn't providing the click bait upon which they once thrived, it may be time to sharpen their game with stories that their readers really want (and need).

Hell, it's worth a shot.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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