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Time to Change

Tumblr_ntpk0byWR81s61a3no1_500To the friends and fans of this blog:

For years, we have taken the path of least resistance...and highest result. We have relied on Facebook to share our blog posts. And, that's how most of our followers (and commenters) have kept up with our musings on the state of destination marketing, life in general and our Music Friday finds.

We are coming up on three weeks since Facebook inexplicably chose to block blog sharing from Typepad (our preferred platform). Not only have they blocked sharing but they have stripped past posts from our feed. Thus, my Facebook page is now just a personal page.

Which, maybe, is how it should be.

Regardless, with no response from Facebook on why or's time to pivot.

From here forward, we'll be posting links to the blog on my LinkedIn page and the DMOproz Facebook page. Not as easy or elegant, but that's the plan for now. Or, you could always follow us (and the blogs you love) by using an RSS App, as we do.

It's a shame that Facebook's new mission (developing the social infrastructure for community) has served to uncouple us from our community. 

C'est la vie...see you on the other side.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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