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CGSometimes, you roll into a town for the first time and just know you've been there before.

That was the experience I had last week as I rolled into Cottage Grove OR. A cute downtown; one with real potential. But, it was the banner across Main Street that caught my eye. I'd seen this streetscape, this architecture and that sign before. But, where?

Try 40 years ago (and every time I've watched the movie since). It's the parade route for the climactic scene in Animal House, filmed in Cottage Grove.

This weekend, they'll attempt to regain the Guinness Book of World Records' status as largest Toga Party in history. If you're near...go.

We planned this for Music Friday, but, we're going with it right now. It's back to Otis Day and the Knights...and the song that is forever linked to Togas.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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