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Tommy Emmanuel

Tommy-EmmanuelI'm as often surprised when someone is a fan of Tommy Emmanuel as when someone says they've never heard of him. Hanging out in a music club Wednesday night with some music aficionados, we were honestly surprised when not a one registered recognition. But, if Clapton is Slowhand...Tommy is Fasthand (without the showboating). Really.

Self-described as a one-man band during his TEDxMelbourne Talk, Tommy has a singular style of guitar playing that is simply mesmerizing. During his radio concert this past Monday from the Lyric in Lexington KY (and sponsored by VisitLex), he said that his music comes from the heart...not the head. And, given his lightning fast approach to his craft, it must be it would take a computer to think and react that fast.

On this Music Friday it's a three-fer. I love his take on "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." I loved Eva Cassidy's version. And, I love Tommy's.

"Classical Gas?" As Tommy said Monday night, "best instrumental ever written." Listen to the original. Then listen to Tommy tear it down solo.

And, a toss off version of "Purple Haze" on his back deck? Too, too fun!

So, go see him. He'll be in Kalamazoo tonight and the amazing Coronado Theatre in Rockford Saturday night. Then Champaign, Lincoln, Lubbock, Wichita, Tulsa, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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