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Total Eclipse

Bonnie-tyler-total-eclipse-of-the-heart-imageYeah...this week's Music Friday replay is about as obligatory as it gets. But, it allows me to connect a) an event that so many of my peers in the Destination Marketing field are breathlessly awaiting, b) a song written by one of my favorite composers (Jim Steinman) and c) a stunningly ground breaking (for its time) video (I mean, really, a 33-year old femme fatale surrounded by semi-clothed teenage boys at a boarding school in 1983?).

Of course, it's "Total Eclipse of the Heart," performed by Bonnie Tyler...and a backing band of who's who: Rick Derringer, E Street Bandmates Roy Bittan and Max Weinberg and Steinman go-tos Rory Dodd and Holly Sherwood. Steinman has said the original version of the song was about vampires...and his final version retains that "darkness." Along with the celestial choruses that always mark his work.

Apparently, Bonnie will be singing the song at the exact moment of totality on a cruise ship. Whatever.

As much as I love her French update to the song with Kareen Antonn, I'm sticking with the original video.

Living in a powder keg and giving off sparks....

Bill Geist

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