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HungI'm guessing it might have something to do with the translation from Hungarian to English...but Prime Minister Viktor Orbán recently said that "Hungary was created by God to enable tourism to be one of its driving sectors."

But, that may actually be exactly what he he went on to say that tourism is not just a source of income or a high-performing sector of the Hungarian economy, but also a form of patriotism. And, that is the mission of his Tourism Office.

Interesting thought, that. Especially here in America where the promotion of Tourism is often held to insanely rigorous ROI standards. But, isn't Tourism promotion also a way to promote our cities, States and Country to the world? And, why would we do this (besides the revenue it attracts)?

Yeah...because we love our town, State and Country. Because we are proud of the land we inhabit. Because we want others to love us too. And, for the most part, we want others to join us in the town, State and Country in which we live.

Tourism is patriotism in a time when Nationalism has become a dirty word.

Tourism helps balance the world's opinion of us with the reality that our political leaders (with the possible exception of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán) don't define us.

We do.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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