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Transparency, Indeed

DownloadSo, the Florida Legislature finally approved "full" funding of Visit Florida, the State's Destination Marketing Agency. But, not without a layering of new rules and policies that will severely hamper the agency from operating entrepreneurially...which is the whole point of a public-private partnership.

A number of watchdog groups from to the Koch Brothers' Americans for Prosperity have weighed in, saying that these new transparencies are good for Floridians. The media takes that at face value.

But, why don't these same groups focus on the contracts for road-building, construction and consulting...contracts that provide services that don't generate new tax revenue for the State. And, contracts that may well be rife with padding and overages.

A new bridge with $3 million built in for contingencies is given a day pass while Pitbull's endorsement contract is held up as government excess? 

What happened to rank-and-file Floridians in this legislative session isn't good news. Where the real taxpayer waste lies, however, is apparently off limits for those that pretend they're on our side.



Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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