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We’ve Lost Our Human Compass

VacaAn annual vacation was once considered a God-given right. Or, if not ordained, something that one just did. Not just for those with means. Everybody. People that were just scraping by would find a way to take the family on vacation. For many, it was the focal point of the year.

I know it was for my family, as we would annually find a cabin in Northern Wisconsin to chill, reconnect and luxuriate in the Northwoods. Terri's family would often head west to Oklahoma, Wyoming, the Dakotas and Colorado. We just did.

So, to hear that the latest consumer study by Allianz says that 51% of us didn't vacay in the past 12 months (and that roughly 40% haven't in two years) is painful, to say the least.

US Travel's Project Time Off is a start...but DMOs need to take up the mantle and inspire Americans to not lose touch with what it means to live.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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