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When ROI Runs into Special Interest

OhnoThere's a ton of nuance to the story I'm about to tell that anyone from the outside would never understand. Suffice to say that Prince William County VA is a cauldron of agendas.

The origins of last evening's vote to fold Experience Prince William/Manassas into County Government can be traced to the business decision to close an under-performing Visitors Center. The County Supervisor representing that region lost her shit over the perceived slight and, in no time, the County ordered an audit of its DMO.

Nevermind that this DMO has been posting seriously impressive numbers, collecting a treasure trove of hardware in "Best of" awards and just earned DMAP Accreditation, the County engaged a firm to analyze its effectiveness. The primary finding: the Board was dysfunctional.

Uh-huh...the Board that was appointed by the very same Commissioners that ordered the audit. 

Ignoring the mirror that should have said to them, "hey, let's try again to appoint better Board members," they voted to take the enterprise in-house and appoint an Advisory Board.

Which makes absolutely no sense. Unless there are agendas at work (did I mention that 3 members of the DMO's Board were County Staffers?). 

The County has a DMO that, let's screw that up because we screwed up by appointing an ineffective Board.

Just another reason why appointed Boards suck.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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