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When You Start Believing in Your Cleverness

HqdefaultOne of my favorite "Dirty Harry" lines was, "a man's got to know his limitations." At the same time, one should also be fully aware of their strengths...but never to the point of self-deception.

Which certainly sounds like what happened to the Arizona State Senator that represents Sedona. As I read this piece over the weekend, another movie quote came to mind, as I could almost hear the Senator channeling Peter Pan: "Oh, the cleverness of me."

Far from having the whole backstory (or why he would pull such a Frank Underwood-style move), the politics surrounding Destination Marketing in Sedona have been far from productive over the past few years. From fears of over-tourism by some to the objection by others that the City simply "gives" money to the big bad Chamber of Commerce (it doesn' invests in its Destination Marketing program), there's been a lot of noise out there.

But honestly, in an age where there is always a digital footprint, how does a State Senator think he can get an investigation started against a Chamber in his own District by getting another Senator to introduce the complaint and then saying he had nothing to do with it...when there are e-mails that prove that's exactly what he did?

So, I'll end with another quote. "(Bobby) got some 'splainin' to do."


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