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When You’re Simply Too Close to the Fire

Nwpluscu_e_a002845974We recently received an invitation from a DMO to a reception to celebrate and show off their new office location. The graphic invitation was colorful, enticing...and totally useless.

They had failed to include the address.

It's why so many communities have horrible wayfinding signage. The people in charge know too much, are way too close and can't put themselves in the mindset of someone who doesn't live in their world.

Over the weekend, I received an invitation from one of my alma maters to a "Leadership Speaker Event." The invitation included the date, time and place. It offered a link to register. It even provided a bio on the featured speaker.

What it failed to say is exactly what the speaker would be addressing. It failed to communicate what the value would be to me in attending.

So I won't.

Before posting up your next invitation to an event, hand it to someone that doesn't walk in your shoes to see if they understand it. And, if you're just too pressed for time, use the two-step question that USA Today once demanded of its reporters: "Why Now and Who Cares?"

I'm sure I should care about the Leadership speaker...but nobody bothered to tell me why.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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