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You Wish Your Logo Was This Cool

Vsj-logo-new-500x423Cool enough that people not paid by the Destination Marketing Organization are willing to tattoo that logo on their body? Yeah...a logo that cool.

Beside the story of a local runner that tattooed the new San Jose logo on his leg after completing his quest to run every street of the city, there are a couple things I really like about the process that culminated in the tattoo:

First, the logo has been out there for a couple years, slowly building steam, support and buy-in. There was no grand fanfare upon its launch...which served to avoid the small group of haters and know-it alls that exist in every destination from attacking the logo and making everyone second-guess themselves. As we've been telling clients for years, when you have a new brand or logo...tell no one.

It also works because it doesn't rely on wavy lines or colors or new age symbolism that need to be explained to be understood. It's just letters. Stylized letters, to be sure...but, like the new Chicago logo (which is one of the best we've seen in years), it makes a statement through font...not fancy.

Well played, San Jose. Well played.



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