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A New Vision for Achieving Community Success, Growth and Sustainability

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to start over? Knowing what you know now, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get it right? In this tumultuous era when everything is being questioned, we have the rare opportunity to re-examine how and why DMOs were founded, how they have evolved and what changes need to be actualized to realize the full potential of community development agencies going forward. CLICK HERE to read our vision for the future.
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Board Diversity for Destination Organizations

Today, we realize a much broader diversification of the Destination Organization Board is needed; one that takes into consideration a more comprehensive understanding of those we represent through our work to enhance quality of place and life. CLICK HERE to read the white paper.
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The Roles & Responsibilities of a DMO: The Durham Adaptation

by Shelly Green & Reyn Bowman / Durham CVB

The DMAI Foundation's 2008 Futures Study included a diagram (often referred to as the Maltese Cross) to showcase the breadth of what a modern day DMO must be involved in to remain relevant. The Durham CVB adapted and customized the diagram to communicate more effectively to its home crowd. Click HERE to view the Durham Cross and HERE to see Visit Bellevue's (WA) adaption.

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The Tourism Business Improvement District

by John Lambeth / Civitas

John Lambeth (Civitas) has been at the forefront of one of the most impactful new funding mechanisms for Destination Marketing in the U.S. While T-BIDs traditionally involve additional investment from hotels, the beauty in the design is that government can't misappropriate these funds (as they do with Room Tax revenues). John provides a basic overview of Tourism BIDs HERE...and the 5 Steps to forming a BID HERE.  

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