Board Governance Services Minimize

At our core, DMOproz is all about Governance. It isn't the sexiest part of Destination Marketing...but a kick butt organizational foundation is crucial if the cool stuff is going to happen for a community. DMOproz is your resource to ensure that the foundation for Destination Leadership is rock solid.

Strategic Planning Minimize

The DMO Marketing (or Business) Plan is the roadmap for professional staff. Its Strategic Plan is the Action Plan for how the Board will focus its efforts on enhancing both the Destination and the Organization. A DMOproz Strategic Plan is a customizable deep dive into the needs of the community and results in an aggressive plan of action for the Board. Some Strategic Plans benefit from our interaction with community leaders the day(s) leading up to the Board Workshop. Some utilize intel from Destination International's DestinationNEXT assessment tool to guide our discussions. And, still others simply rely on the understanding of the community of the Board as they discuss and debate the future of the destination and organization.

Your call. We'll design a Strategic Plan that meets your needs.


OnBOARDing new Board members is so much more than a casual discussion over lunch about what the DMO is and does. And, yet…we see this scenario more often than we’d like to admit. That’s why we have developed an intensive workshop for DMO Boards that provides a deep dive into the who, what, why and how of what we do to drive our communities forward. Based upon our book, Destination Leadership along with the documentation you provide during our Needs Assessment phase, we’ll customize a session that speaks directly to the specific needs of your destination and the ways that the DMO can be a leader in moving the community forward. And, your new recruits (as well as the veterans than we will encourage attend) will be able to hit the ground running and not take a year to come up to speed to be the organizational and destinational advocates we need them to be.