Destination Leadership is the art of increasing the awareness, appreciation and support of the tourism industry as a vibrant component of a region's economy. It's advocating for infrastructure enhancements that work for both visitors and residents. It's making the case that increased public and private sector investment into a community's DMO positions the destination to be able to more effectively contend in this highly competitive market.Destination Leaders are those that see opportunities before a community and utilize their time, resources and influence to make a difference. In the follow-up to Destination Leadership for Boards, Bill Geist offers suggestions and recommendations on how those that agree to accept the challenge can leave a lasting mark on their community.

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In today’s increasingly complex environment, true Destination Leaders must be focused on the long-range health, viability and development of both the Community and the Organization that they serve. In Destination Leadership, you’ll gain valuable insights into the special challenges confronting Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and how Boards and Community Leaders can play a pivotal role. This new book goes well beyond Board design and Organizational Structure recommendations (though those topics still remain) to a broader discussion of the imperative of Destination Marketing to community development, sustainability and Quality of Life.     

In Destination Leadership you’ll learn:

• Why Tourism is the "First Date" for Economic Development
• The pros and cons of the three most common DMO structures
• How Destination Marketing is evolving amidst disruptive disintermediation
• How the best DMO pros and Boards operate
• Ways to increase organizational visibility and influence
• How to attract the best and brightest to your Board
• The roles of Board vs. Professional Staff
• Why adopting a set of Board Ethics Policy is crucial...and more


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