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CapLast week was one of those moments in time that so many things clicked. Destinations International brought its Advocacy Summit and CDME Fall Learning Weekend to our home town. We had the exceptional opportunity to break bread with and toast friends from around the world on our home turf. They had the chance to learn why we love this place as they sampled our city, cuisine and attractions.

We gathered together to discuss and debate the path forward for Destination Marketing Organizations. The best line of the Summit was that what we do isn't a Blue Issue or a Red's a Green Issue. 

But, interestingly, the increasing realization that our most important customer is our residents was probably the biggest take-away for most Summit attendees. And, that's where the alignment kicks in, as the City Nation Place Conference in London simultaneously wrapped. And, in their Top 5 takeaways:

"Place marketing teams have a responsibility to put the citizen first: putting citizens first in all aspects of tourism and economic development protects and enhances quality of life, creating a virtuous circle. As Geerte Udo, CEO at amsterdam&partners, said so eloquently, perhaps it is time that we stop teaching locals to value tourism and instead begin to teach tourists to respect locals."



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