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Chris Farley

Adam-Sandler-SNL-Screen-ShotYeah, I know it's a Music Friday. But, Adam Sandler's turn as host of SNL last weekend has me thinking of the song he closed with about his friend Chris Farley.

Chris was a Madison boy...and that sensibility was a big part of his appeal on the international stage. While we hate how it all ended, we couldn't be prouder of the kid from Maple Bluff, who was chronicled so well in the documentary "I Am Chris Farley."

Somewhere, in the boxes upon boxes of video and audio cassettes I've yet to unearth after a succession of moves, I have a video I shot of Chris and Tom Arnold jumping on stage, totally unplanned and unannounced at the Taste of Madison in the early '90s, tearing through an R&B classic with Madison's O'Bros (and WJJO's Johnny Danger on bongos). I will find that video and I will share it...but, gimme time. There are a lot of boxes.

In the meantime, you may have seen the SNL performance of Adam's tribute to Chris. But, this compilation video from Netflix is so much better.

Hard to believe it's been over 20 years. RIP Chris...and, thank you Adam for such a touching salute.


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