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Darrell Scott

DscottWhen he covers Sarah McLaghlan's "Angel," our friend Mike Massey often quips that it's the saddest song ever recorded. If that's true, this one is a close second.

We fell in love with Darrell Scott when we saw him in concert a couple years ago, but never featured him on Music Friday because a couple notable passings (Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell) got in the way. But, this gem shuffled forward the other day and tapped me on the shoulder. Remember me?

Darrell has played with a who's who of top-flight musicians (Robert Plant, Steve Earle, Sam Bush, John Cowan and scores more) and written a boatload of songs for others.

And, if you're a fan of the television series Justified, you know this one, as covers were used as the season-ending closing song four of the show's six years (until they used Darrell's original in the series finale).

This is Darrell Scott with an exquisite live version of "You'll Never Leave Harlin Alive."


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