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DMOs = Hokum?

DallIt will be an interesting couple of days in Dallas.

For those that have not been following along, the City recently conducted an audit of Visit Dallas. "Scathing" is the word being used to describe the findings. But, to be fair, the audit found just as much wrong with the City's oversight of its contract with the DMO as it did with Visit Dallas. That said, the media is focusing the majority of its attention on the DMO, essentially giving the City a day-pass. It's hard to bang on bureaucrats. Much easier to target the CEO. Lazy journalism at its finest.

This is not unlike what has been happening in Santa Clara, where the DMO is being vilified when the City never set goals or expectations for the organization. And in Stillwater OK. And, in a bunch of places. It is the season, apparently.

But, once again, a Dallas politician blurts out the age-old saw: "They believe this hokum of advertising that is supposed to be reaping millions of dollars for the city is more important than filling potholes.”

Filling potholes, Police and Fire, the Homeless. Insert any hot button part of a City's program of work. It's always designed to position one of the only non-resident tax generators as somehow frivolous against the very programs it helps fund...because Joe and Jill Public are easily led. Smart politicians know this. Ethical ones are handcuffed because they don't have the facts with which to fight back (and, that's on us).

But, marketing is hokum? 

Except when running for City Council, apparently. The $100,000 or so the Councilman had in his war chest in 2017 was, ostensibly, for marketing. 

$100,000 would fill a lot of potholes, eh Phillip? 

Are potholes really the issue for most residents in Dallas? Or are jobs and a fertile landscape for entrepreneurs more important?

Just sayin...


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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