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Eddie Money

MoneyYou don't find a lot of musicians that join the Police Department in their 20s and then become superstars in their 30s...but that was one Edward Mahoney.

Sadly, Eddie Money departed terra tirma earlier today. He had released he first new album in 15 years this summer and his Reality TV show, "Real Money," just got picked up for a second season. Then, three weeks ago, he revealed he had been diagnosed, during a routine exam, with Stage 4 cancer.

On this Music Friday, we're going with a couple tracks you may not know (because everyone else will go with the hits, as we all say farewell). First, a track that should have broken Billy Satellite wide open...but that Eddie nailed: "I Wanna Go Back."

And then, if for no other reason than the wry intro, check out the title track of his new release, "Brand New Day."

And, it is. Godspeed, Eddie.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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