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Martin Sexton

MartIt was another one of those moments that I'll always cherish.

I told Terri that I had scored great seats for Martin Sexton at City Winery in Chicago. The response was one of those arched eyebrow, WTF reactions. Though Martin's music occasionally shuffles forward on my playlist, she didn't instantly recognize the name.

We, as they say, "marinated" in his soul, warmth and truth last Friday night. Her grateful hug after the encore (which, as pictured, he did on the floor amidst the audience) was magical. And, that's what matters most.

Today's Music Friday offering is from his TedXBigSky performance last year. It's 22 minutes long and worth every one. If you are pressed for time, jump to the 15:00 minute mark.

You'll probably double back :)

He's playing with the very cool Chris Trapper tonight in Nashville and tomorrow evening in Birmingham.

If you're near, go.


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