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On Destination Leadership

LeftA few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to guest on a travel industry podcast hosted by Nicole Mahoney called Destination on the Left. Beyond the honor of being asked to riff about the state of our industry, the conversation with Nicole was a blast.

But it's a great reminder about paying it forward. Not unlike the daisy chain that Tom Martin recounts in his book, "The Invisible Sale," that ultimately resulted in a great friendship (and inclusion in his book), this had a similar genesis. 

A few months ago, Saint Paul's Adam Johnson was the featured guest and he mentioned me in one of his stories about how the DMO there is rockin' it. Nicole made a subtle note to add me to her list of future guests, which spans all facets of the travel sector (not just DMOs). And, I'm guessing some of the protagonists of some of the stories I told will be getting a call from Nicole down the line. Just paying it forward.

If you want to listen in to my thoughts on the evolution of Destination Marketing (or any of her amazing 100+ episodes online), click HERE

And, thanks again, Nicole. It was an honor and a pleasure!

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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