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Pigs That Fly

IMG_7366The image to the left is from First Class, Row 1 on a Delta flight a few weeks ago (click image for the full effect).

My friend Amir Eylon often chronicles online the supremely uncouth practice of airline passengers doffing shoes and placing their stinkies on bulkheads and other seats for all to see and smell. But, this is something I've never seen.

A person in First Class (who, if they fly a lot, should have more respect for the flight attendants and crew that ensure his flight is perfect) shredding his newspaper and magazine and leaving it on the cabin floor for "the help" to pick-up.

As it is the first time I've witnessed such wanton disregard for an airline crew, I'll not issue an Air Law...yet.

But, can I get an "amen" that there is a special place in airline hell for such self-absorbed pigs?


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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