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Place Branding for All

BakerDestination Marketing pros that don't have a copy of Bill Baker's initial tome (or its second edition) on the subject of Destination Marketing on their bookshelf have been, sadly, operating with half a deck. But, never fear...Bill is back with his latest effort, "Place Branding for Small Cities, Regions and Downtowns."

And, for those of us that highlighted and sticky-noted our dog-eared copies...the new book expands upon the tenants of the original with new case studies and an updated attitude to reflect the ever-evolving dynamic that is Destination Marketing. Indeed, our friend Reyn Bowman (former CEO of the Durham CVB) said, "Bill has taken a great book and, unexpectedly, made it better."

You can find the new masterpiece here. And, for a deeper dive into the mind of Bill and what you'll find in the new book (plus a big reveal), check out his interview with Florian Kaefer in The Place Brand Observer.

Congratulations, Bill...and thanks for all you do your our industry!

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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