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UgandaHis self-defense has a pinch of logic to it...but that doesn't excuse the insane lack of judgment and sensitivity from the Tourism Minister from Uganda.

The other day, Godfrey Kiwanda thought he had hatched a winner. The new tourism campaign would feature "curvy" women. "We decided to use the unique beauty, the curves... (as a) product to be marketed along with what we already have as a country, ranging from nature, the language and food, to make it a tourist attraction," he explained. So, he's supporting a curvy beauty pageant to find the new "face" of tourism.

Today, women throughout the country are demanding his resignation. Kiwanda has countered that no one seems to object to skinny beauty pageants or male bodybuilding events and, besides, a woman is managing the curvy pageant.

Nice try...but, no cigars for you.

@kakatshozi said it best: "In Uganda, curvy women are now tourist ‘products’ as if zoo animals. On a scale of 1-10, how stupid is your tourism minister?" 
Of course, in the comments section of one of the stories, someone else suggested the brilliance of the campaign and called for Kiwanda to become Uganda's next President.
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