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Sonia Dada

ErikWhile there is so much wrong about what Facebook has wrought, there is the connectivity we are granted with long lost friends from other parts of the world. One of those (for me) is my friend Roman Sawczak (of Dancing Noodles fame) who, last weekend, relayed the news that Sonia Dada bassist Erik Scott had lost his battle with cancer (which, of course, sucks).

But, what also sucks is the Sonia Dada never hit that mass audience that they so richly deserved. Not unlike Eva Cassidy, Ari Herstand and countless others, their art was/is such an amalgam of styles that radio never quite knew what to do with them. So they did nothing. And, much of the world misses out.

As we bid godspeed to Erik on this Music Friday, we also bid you listen to an American treasure with a two-fer.

This is probably their biggest, from the first album: "Lover, You Don't Treat Me Good No More."

And, if you want to luxuriate in the entire experience, here's a full concert from their hometown of Chicago at the magical Vic.



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