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Suspicious Minds

R-5957751-1407360257-5423.jpegHe had been dubbed "The King." He had an amazing run of 115 Top 40 hits...but, by the time the Beatles and Stones burst onto the scene and he spent some time in the Army, Elvis Presley was off the concert circuit and out of mind.

A televised comeback c0ncert in 1968 changed all that and, in early 1969, Elvis was looking for new material; songs that would re-ignite his career.

He found that song, written a year earlier and released by a relative unknown named Mark James. He heard the single, loved it and set down to record "Suspicious Minds," a song that would propel him one more time to the top of the charts.

On the 50th Anniversary of its release, Ozy has produced a great piece on how it all came about, including audio from the Mark James original, early studio attempts, the fateful 8th take and a great live recording made months before the song's release. Treat yourself by going down the rabbit hole.

On this Music Friday, we go with a live version of "Suspicious Minds" from 1970.


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