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6a00d83451b69969e2022ad3a0ea6a200dIt is again that time of year to give thanks. We think of our friends across the country that have suffered unfathomable losses from natural disaster, cancer, terrorism, gun violence or dumb blind lack of luck. Other friends are facing political battles that are otherworldly. But, we're all still standing. And that's something.

For us, it’s been a mixed bag this year. We left behind neighbors we love…but are thankful that we have stayed connected. We left behind our first house together…but found one that makes us smile every day. And, we left the city that I love…but have found a home in the country that is close enough that we still get back every week.

I have found love like I’ve never known…and an inner peace that provides a warmth I cannot describe. We revel in the time we get to spend with lifelong friends…and can’t wait to get to know our new neighbors. Our clients stimulate our minds and creative juices…and allow us to give back every day.

And, to those that follow this blog (and Facebook hasn’t made that easy this year)…thank you for tagging along on this journey.

May this day elicit a similar recounting of your gifts as we prepare for the Holiday Season.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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