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The Hubris of Going it Alone

BillNOblogThe politicization of Destination Marketing continues to rise, with local governments increasingly thinking that they can achieve a higher ROI by taking their investment in their regional DMO and doing their own thing. And, while I can certainly understand the community pride that drives such conversations, the reality is that, unless a community is talking about the redirection of millions of dollars, this won't end well.

The City of Eureka has withdrawn from its regional DMO because community leaders there don't think that the organization's redwoods-centric marketing provides it with enough visibility. They've taken their $370,000 ball and gone home.

As the City searches for an ad agency to fulfill the role of DMO (which, in the immortal words of that esurance commercial, "that's not how any of this works"), the Times-Standard editorial board has weighed in with a brutal smack-down that underscores the folly at work.

Such a strategy, they opine, means that Eureka will have roughly $5,000 to spend per month per market...not counting agency commission, staff, website or design).


Somewhere, "That 70's Show's" patriarch is uttering his famous one-word line.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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