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The Motivation to Do the Right Thing

SignAs I move from town to town in this sensational gig that permits me a view into so many corners of the Americas, it happens only once in a while.

I stop, sensing something's off. And then, I realize that the sidewalks and gutters are meticulously clean (which is a sad state of affairs when the way it should be is the exception).

I was in a community a couple weeks ago and it happened again. And, as I made my way to my early morning appointment downtown, I spied an individual with a leaf blower on the next block.

Aha, I thought to myself; that's why it's so clean. But, I looked again...and he was blowing only leaves. No cigarette butts. No wrappers or shattered pieces of styrofoam cups. So, it must be the culture of the community to take pride in the downtown. must wonder if that culture hasn't been encouraged by the penalty for discarding butts around town (click image to enlarge).

If we desire a certain response, we must actively encourage that response. And, a $2,500 fine does just that.

Well played, Fredericksburg. Well played...

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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