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The New Nomad

CoupleTravelWe all have our own "Modus Operandi" when we travel. A select few of us abide by Air Laws and are far from the maddening crowd of self-absorbed assholes that make travel almost unbearable. Some of us travel for business. Others for leisure. Some for self-aggrandizing selfies. We all do our thing.

But, an interesting study by BVA BDRC has identified a new cohort in the travel space that they call "The New Nomad." The research shows that 18% of us (virtually 1 in 5) take more than twice the trips as does the average traveler. Conde Nast has indicated that this is one of their new target markets...because this group spends 80% more, on average, than the traditional traveling public.

For those of us that have been in the Destination Marketing world for a while, we instinctively know "when" the travel consumer is in the "consideration" mode. Think again...

The New Nomads are "always on" in their search for travel experiences. 74% say they book spontaneously.

For today's will you address the "always on" consumer, 81% who say they are always in the market for an experience?

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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