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The Shortsightedness of an Anti-DMO Bias

DrivingBLOGAs we noted last Thursday, members of the Florida House of Representatives (and now, some Senators) are looking to throttle or eliminate Visit Florida, that State's Destination Marketing Organization. I guess it's a case of "if first you don't succeed," but one would think they would have gotten the message after two failed attempts to derail destination marketing in the Sunshine State. It's almost like a bad April Fool's Day joke.

Those that continue down this path have clearly not understood (for, I am sure they have at least seen it) the "Halo Effect" research from Longwood's International. There is a direct correlation between destination marketing and future residency and corporate investment. And, no one knows this better than Kenneth Strickland, director of research and air service development for Tampa International Airport.

In a great article on why people are moving to Florida, Strickland connects the dots between international investment and a visit. In a Tampa Bay Times survey, 83% of resident respondents report they were not born in Florida. They visited. They liked. They moved. They now pay the very State in which a number of Legislators are now attempting to disrupt that pipeline. 

Maybe that's the way those that want to see Visit Florida survive should pitch it. Cut off Destination Marketing and you cut off the supply of people who visit, which cuts off the number of potential residents (future voters) who would be clueless enough to vote for you next time around.

Nah...they're not listening to anybody anymore.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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