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The Softening of Intent

Upd_su8T_400x400A few weeks ago, our friends at Destination Analysts released preliminary findings on the State of the American Traveler. One of the findings was shocking, given the relative strength of the economy: At this time last year, nearly two-thirds of American leisure travelers (65.3%) said that leisure travel would be at least a “somewhat high priority.” This year, the corresponding figure has sharply dropped to 59.6 percent. 

Why are we less inclined to do what we've always said we want to do? Is it because travel isn't as much fun anymore? 

Are consumers beginning to decide, with their brand new gazillion pixel flat screen TV, to curtain their love of travel in favor of experiencing the world in 4K with 360 sound? I mean, what the hell? All the hassles are mitigated. They don’t hafta sit nexta someone on a plane that should have purchased two seats and a bar of soap sometime in the last two weeks. They no longer are at the mercy of hotels that gave their room away and now must walk them half the city away at 10pm when they are tired and cranky. And, they don’t hafta endure self-absorbed assholes that bogart the view or use their mobile devices like walkie-talkies so everyone within a block can hear their sensationally unimportant conversation.

Why not just curl up, call up GOusaTV or any number of channels…and see the world from their Barcalounger?

Yeah but, they then won’t experience the world.

Let's keep that in mind as we create the stories and experiences to get them off the couch.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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