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The Sustainability Mandate

PlanBDestination Marketing used to be easy; we simply played the hand we were dealt. We marketed our assets and went home at night.

Today, the "mandates" on successful DMOs continue to grow. Be involved in Destination Advocacy. Diversify our revenue streams. Evolve into a Shared Community Value. Be part of the solution for Homelessness and Hunger.

Our DMOs look almost nothing like they did in the last century. And, that's a good thing...because our communities need us to be more than we have been. And, it's time to add Sustainability to the list.

The Global Destination Sustainability Index, originally a Scandinavian initiative, has just released a powerful White Paper on the role of DMOs in this new mandate. It pulls no punches...and, for those that buy into the premise that "There is No Planet B," it's pretty clear: Take the Lead. Develop a Master Plan. Integrate the Plan into the Core Strategy. And Become a Master Collaborator.

These are all topics that we bridge with every one of our DMO clients...but, I've never seen them bundled in such a compelling manner.

The article in Meetings & Conventions is so worth your read...and I'll be surprised if you don't request the White Paper.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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