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The Unintended Consequence

BillNOblogWe've really gotten to a point in our society that we elect people that clearly don't understand how all this works

Take Solvang CA. Some City Council members there decided that they should put the contract for Destination Marketing up to bid (is there a city council chat room where this idiocy is getting lift...cause it's happening across the county with increasing frequency).

Ultimately, the Council in Solvang severed the contract with its CVB and its CEO, Digital Media Director and Accountant were let go last week. Then, the City clearly realized its folly and extended limited funding through this month.

When asked WTF, the Mayor said, "August is a busy month for tourism in Solvang, and keeping the Visitors Center open during that time was a priority for us all."

Ya think?

“This is also a crucial planning time for fall events,” he said. “By extending funding, we are able to support the Visitor Center ambassadors as well as two full-time staff dedicated to event planning, social media (and) website maintenance including an events calendar, film and sales.”


The Mayor went on to say, “Tourism is very important to the City Council. It is essential to provide helpful information to tourists and give them a reason to return to Solvang with its cherished annual events.”

As that takes funding a talented staff of Destination Marketing professionals, apparently not.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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