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The Value of a Millisecond

Mobile3blogI'm not sure what the hold-up is for those Destination Marketing Organizations that haven't joined the mobile-first movement. Whether it's budget, old school leadership or a belief that Social Media has rendered websites archaic (it hasn't, as a web presence in the only place online you can control your narrative).

A powerful list of common gaffes being made online suggests that Amazon has discovered that every millisecond delay (one-thousandth of a second) in the rendering of a page resulted in a one percent drop in revenue. Another factoid holds that 60% of consumers expect a mobile-optimized site and 40% report bouncing to a competitor when they are confronted with a site that isn't mobile friendly.

Of the 6 deadly sins, we see 5 on more DMO sites than we'd like. Click the link and ask yourself how many are present in your web presence.

Double dog dare you.

And hey, we're not being sanctimonious, here. We're guilty of 1.5 of the 6.

Guess it's time for a new website. You?

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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