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Travel Jobs Matter

HOTELfrontdeskIt's National Travel & Tourism Week in America...and permit me one more shout out to the industry that has provided me such a rich career over the past 30 years.

One of the aspects of the hospitality industry that has always irked me is how those jobs are so frequently dismissed as somehow "not worthy." During the referendum campaign to build Madison's Convention Center, a City Council member used to rail on how this was the "wrong" kind of economic development for the City to be pursuing. That it was "low-pay, no-benefit."

While I countered that every job should be valued (as it should), I wish I would have had the data recently released from the US Travel Association that underscores the power of jobs in the hospitality sector.

Travel industry jobs lead to higher wages and financial success, more so than jobs in manufacturing and health care. Those of us that score our first job in hospitality go on to earn more than those who start in most other fields, as we learn skills, confidence and experience that are essential to successful careers in a broad spectrum of occupations. And, a third of Americans re-entering the workforce (see yesterday's post) do so through a job in the travel industry. And, honestly, who would you rather hire?

And, while not included in the research, let's be honest. Hospitality workers create a backdrop upon which we all create some of our most precious memories. And, isn't that the most important aspect of a job...having a meaningful impact on those you serve?

It's all about quality of life. Smile warmly and thank a hospitality worker for improving yours this week.

And, every day.


Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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