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Truth in Advertising

TuvFar too many Destination Marketing Organizations claim to have something for, it's refreshing when one says "It's Not for Everyone."

My travel bucket list is pretty diverse. Oddly enough, Guam has been on mine for decades (which Katie Cook and I chuckled about on her recent DMOU podcast episode). The tiny island of Tuvalu is, too.

On their page on the South Pacific Tourism website, the DMO lists 13 things to know before visiting:

2. There are no ATMs and credit cards aren’t accepted anywhere, so it’s cash-only even at hotels and guesthouses.

8. If you hear an air-raid siren, don’t panic! It means one of the twice-weekly Fiji Airways flights is about to land; it’s a way of clearing the unfenced airstrip of pedestrians, motorbikes and cars.

9. You can buy a pre-paid internet card at some guesthouses, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to use it. WiFi is notoriously slow even in Funafuti, when it is working. For peace of mind, why not put on your out-of-office reply before you leave home, and enjoy a holiday from connectivity?

13. Tuvaluan food is predominantly simple, local and tasty. When eating with Tuvaluan people, be prepared to sit on the floor and eat with your hands.

Not for everybody, indeed...but that's what makes Tuvalu the real deal. And, isn't that what so many of us are searching for today?


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