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VixAt a convention last month, I noticed a trend among guy speakers. They were rolling up the bottoms of their jeans like we did in the '80s (and did as kids in the '60s). And, then I thought of the forty-year pendulum suggested by Roy Williams...and it hit me. The return of Hair Bands is just around the corner.

Say what you want about the genre. Strip away the hairspray and leather. The sound was clean while sonic, the vocals were generally stellar and the lyrics were damn good. The videos were a blast to watch (hell, Kip Winger's dance moves were killer).

And, then there was Vixen, the only all-girl band to sell a million albums in the '80s. Pat Benatar had broken through the maleness that dominated Rock. The Runaways teased at what an all-girl band could do. And, Vixen brought it home...opening the doors for The Donnas and a bunch of other all-female acts.

On this Music Friday, I challenge you to not fall in love with Vixen (they're in Springfield IL tonight). Yeah...some of the rock star moves are cheesy (but no more so than Nelson that was just as polished with one less blond head of hair). But honestly, Janis' soaring vocals, Jan's searing guitar work and Roxy's incessant back beat were pretty friggin' awesome.

I'm not saying today's music isn't magical...just saying that the Hair sound is due for a comeback. Just ask Roy.

Time for a three-fer (you didn't want to work this morning, did ya?).

Best Lyric ("I Got a Target on My Back for Cupid Dressed in Black"): Love is a Killer

Best Beat (Roxy's beat challenges Joan Jett's best): I Want You to Rock Me

Best Bon Jovi-esque Video (c' know you love it): Cryin'

Oh, hell, let's go one more...because Jan's guitarwork is so exquisite: How Much Love

I'm ready for the resurrection...


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