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We’re Back

DMOUsmallYesterday, we announced, through our (almost) monthly Z-Newsletter (and, if you're not a subscriber...WTF?), that we are bringing DMOU back.

Destination Marketing Organization University was our answer to the reality that our peers were forgoing industry conferences in the wake of one of those now forgotten recessions. Over the next 5 years, we interviewed (via teleseminar, available as a live feed or on CD or cassette) over 150 of the best and the brightest in Destination Marketing, sharing innovative tactics and strategies.

Well, DMOU is now a podcast. And, the first 5 episodes of the resurrection are online for you to sample. We've lined up some pretty cool names to kick it off. Rick, Maura, Amir, Linda and Spero. If you're stumped, I guess you'll just hafta click on the link.

And, we're making more every month.

It's good to be back...and we're excited to share lots of cool stories with the best storytellers on the planet in the months and years to come.

Don't be bashful. Tell us what you think of the new format...and toss us suggestions of guests you'd like to hear or topics you'd like us to explore.

DMOU is back, babies.

Bill Geist

Bill GeistBill Geist

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