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Twenty Years

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Twenty years. Yes, 20.

It sounds, at once, like a lifetime (or a lyric to a Beatles song). And, yet, it went by so fast.

Zeitgeist Consulting marks its 20th anniversary this year…and we thank you for supporting us over the past two decades. As the Grateful Dead surely said as they completed their final concerts last week, what a long strange trip it’s been.

We're experiencing some seriously psychedelic metamorphoses in the DMO Industry right now. We've never seen the rate of change hurtling forward as quickly as it has in the last 24 months. Back in 1995, the internet was just starting to get some traction. Like anything new, there were the early adopters (like us!)...but there were also those that were in complete denial. That first disruptive technology brought a tidal wave of change, from OTAs, Consumer Reviews and Social Media all disintermediating DMOs to providing an easily accessed information platform that has profoundly changed how we sell. 

There are a number of ideas that we believe should be top of mind as this brave new world of disruption in Destination Marketing evolves. Disruption shouldn't always be viewed as a negative. We see it as a positive, where new creations and collaborations bring about a better experience. Regardless of your's gonna happen with or without you. It is truly time to Evolve or Perish.

We’ve created a one-sheet of the 20 most important maxims for DMO pros to consider as we move through these disruptive times. You can find it (and download it) at

As we pass this auspicious 20 year milestone, we are transitioning our corporate identity from Zeitgeist Consulting to DMOproz. We believe the new name more accurately identifies who we are and what we do…and it’s a whole lot easier to say and spell.

What won’t change is our dedication to advancing the art and science of destination marketing…and we look forward to the opportunity to work with your DMO and destination in the months ahead.

If you’re headed to Austin next week for the 101st Annual Convention of Destination Marketing Association International, we look forward to seeing you there. With the reveal of the Destination Next platform, it ought to be a great couple of days.

Look for us at the receptions and in the hallways. Bill will be participating in the Great Debates on Friday morning, which should be fun. If you arrive early, join us at the pool (weather permitting) early Wednesday afternoon prior to the Opening Keynote at 4:30 pm.

We will also be hosting a Thursday evening reception with our friends Dave Serino and Brian Matson of TwoSix Digital at the Old School Bar & Grill from 6 to 8:30. So, as you make your way to dinner (or one of the really big-ass parties), swing by and say hi. On us.

It’s hard changing your name after 20 years…but, trust us, it’ll be a lot easier than trying to remember if the "E" comes before the "I" in Zeitgeist...and how the hell to pronounce it!

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