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Early DMO Usage of (and Perceptions of the Usefulness of) the DMAI Event Impact Calculator

by Jonathan Freeze, Director of Marketing at the Greater Raleigh CVB

The DMAI Event Impact Calculator was developed to establish a uniform method of identifying the economic impact of meetings, conventions, tournaments and other events. In 2014, Jonathan Freeze, CDME, worked with DMAI staff to field a study to identify the utilization of the EIC and how it was being used to communicate impact to stakeholders and investors. You can access the study by clicking HERE to access Jonathan's LinkedIn page, where the study results reside.

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Destination Marketing and Economic Development: Creating a Singular Place Brand

by Longwoods International

Many of us have long believed that Destination Marketing possesses an impact far greater than simply "heads in beds." That belief has now been quantified in a breakthrough study by Longwoods International and authored by our friend George Zimmerman.

Longwoods International surveyed more than 18,000 consumers regarding 10 destination marketing campaigns, a combination of cities, states and regions. And while the data points varied somewhat by destination, the results of this research were consistent across all destinations. In every case, tourism advertising by a destination and subsequent visitation significantly improved the image of that destination not just as a place to visit, but also for a wide range of other economic development objectives.

Click HERE for the link to the article.


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Destination Promotion: An Engine of Economic Development

by Oxford Economics

Those in the Destination Marketing field have long believed there was a direct correlation between the sales and marketing done by DMOs and the successes claimed by those in the Economic Development field. In this break-through study, that linkage is proven through a combination of case studies, interviews, literature review and statistical analysis. The finding is clear: destination promotion fuels development across the entire economic spectrum by sustaining air service, creating familiarity, attracting decision makers and improving the quality of life in a place. As a result, cities and states that prioritize destination marketing and coordinate these efforts with economic development initiatives have experienced significant site relocations and new investments as a direct result. A must-read for anyone trying to make the case that Destination Marketing is more than just "heads in beds." Click HERE to link to the study.

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Oregon Tourism: Creating Meaningful Jobs

by the Oregon Travel Commission

There are those that diss the Tourism Industry for low pay / low benefit jobs. This piece from Travel Oregon refutes that notion by identifying how Tourism jobs prepare people for success. Click HERE to view the PDF.

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Meetings Deliver: The Business Value of Meetings and Events

by MPI and Roger Rickard

Meetings drive sales and profitability for business and enable organizations to deliver on key strategic objectives. They serve as a catalyst for education and professional development, motivation, behavior change and concrete action. And for the hundreds of local economies that rely on the meetings economy, conferences create jobs and tax revenues wherever participants gather. Meeting professionals have known this for years. Now they can prove it. 

This recorded Webinar with Roger Rickard combines the findings of several reports that confirm that "Meetings Deliver."

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