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Finding Our Cornerstone: Becoming a Community Shared Value

by Destinations International

Despite the collective efforts of Destination Marketing Organizations a growing number continue to be under government and media attack. After a great deal of research, Destinations International has concluded that DMOs must become one of their community’s shared values in a way that explains the value of destination promotion and connects that value and organization to the residents of the community. In this advocacy paper, you will understand the reasons why DMOs must focus on their residents and change the way they talk about themselves in order to survive and grow. This paper will clearly articulate the role of a DMO in a community, provide the starting point for “mission” and “about us” statements, lay out the political argument for public support of destination promotion and identify the ideas and ideals that form the basis of a community shared value. CLICK HERE.

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Crisis Management Guide - Planning for the Inevitable Social Media Disaster

by Talkwalker

It takes years to earn a good reputation...and seconds to annihilate it. Time spent building up trust around your brand,

turned to dust. With people online 24/7/365, it’s critical that brands have a crisis management plan. Ignoring online conversation isn’t an option. Brands must communicate, listen, and respond effectively to meet customer expectations. In this in-depth article from Talkwalker, you'll gain valuable insights into how to prepare your destination and organization.

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The State of the Food Tourism Industry

by the World Food Travel Association

The State of the Food Tourism Industry Annual Report serves as a bellwether or compass for our industry, all related business sectors and media. For the report, the  World Food Travel Association asked just over 70 industry experts from around the world their opinion on the most important issues facing the food tourism industry today. The report brings together not just their qualitative opinions, but it also assesses their input quantitatively. Registration is required to receive a free copy of the 62-page report.
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The New Tourism Lexicon

by Destinations International

Words matter in politics...and those words need to be chosen carefully. If Destination Marketers are to be successful in changing the narrative surrounding our industry, it starts with a values-based approach. That means talking to stakeholders in a manner that is simple and emotional...and connects their values to your organization.

In this policy brief, Destinations International demonstrates why our industry must utilize a new tourism vocabulary to connect with stakeholders in a meaningful way and better illustrate the value of destination organizations. Click HERE to read the brief.

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Travel's Essential Contribution to Economic Development

by US Travel

Made in America: Travel’s Essential Contribution to Economic Development showcases how destinations are successful and important contributors to local communities and economic development. It also highlights how the role of the DMO has evolved to be a community manager. CLICK HERE
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