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The Tourism Business Improvement District

by John Lambeth / Civitas

John Lambeth (Civitas) has been at the forefront of one of the most impactful new funding mechanisms for Destination Marketing in the U.S. While T-BIDs traditionally involve additional investment from hotels, the beauty in the design is that government can't misappropriate these funds (as they do with Room Tax revenues). John provides a basic overview of Tourism BIDs HERE...and the 5 Steps to forming a BID HERE.  

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New Orleans CVB's Crisis Communication Plan

by the New Orleans CVB

Possibly the most comprehensive Crisis Communications Plan in the DMO world...and for good reason. Steven Perry and the New Orleans CVB learned a lot in the days, weeks and months after Hurricane Katrina. And, they share it in these outstanding documents. Click HERE to view their various plans. 

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Ohio's Crisis Communications Blueprint

by the Ohio Division of Travel & Tourism

Here's the Ohio Division of Tourism's Crisis Communication Blueprint for its industry partners. It includes background information on how to lay the foundation for a crisis plan and some hints on handling the crisis once occurs. It also contains a wealth of material including hints for handling the media, drafting prepared statements and press releases and a very brief speakers training. Click HERE to download the PDF.  

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Irving's Lead Distribution Policy

by Maura Gast / Irving CVB

One of the perennial challenges before DMOs is the determination of just who is the client, the customer or our industry partners...often played out in how group leads are handled. The Irving CVB’s Maura Gast was clear on who she thinks the customer is in her classic speech at DMAI/Las Vegas 2008. So, it’s no surprise that her Bureau’s Lead Distribution Policy reflects that same philosophy. Click HERE to download the pdf.  

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The Impact of Cutting Funding for Tourism Promotion

by IHS Global Insight and DK Shifflet & Associates Ltd.

Another study of the sadly misguided Colorado experience of the early 1990s...transitioned to the potential impact such a move would have on New Jersey (and your state?). Authored by James Caldwell of D.K.Shifflet and Ken McGill of IHS Global Insight. Click HERE to download the study.

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