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The Geography of Somewhere

by Scott Russell Sanders

Author Scott Russell Sanders shared this provacative presentation at the 2006 Civic Tourism Conference in Prescott AZ. In this keynote address, he challenged destination leaders to visit other regions to learn what makes them unique...and then return home, inspired to foster those qualities in our own communities. Click HERE to download the PDF. 

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How Great a Persuader are You?

by Marsha Lindsay / Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

The desire to influence others is innate in all marketers. And, in this White Paper by Marsha Lindsay (Lindsay, Stone & Briggs), you'll get a glimpse into the consumer psychology required to engage and persuade in our digital, social and mobile world. Click HERE to download the PDF White Paper that emerged from the 2010 edition of Brandworks University.  

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Successful City Branding: Don't Hire a Painter if You Need an Architect

by Bill Baker, Total Destination Marketing The recent recession is encouraging businesses to broaden their market focus and to offer new services in order to weather the storm. We understand this approach and endorse it – to a point.  

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Five Destination Branding Principles to Boost Economic Recovery

By Bill Baker of Total Destination Marketing, author of Destination Branding for Small Cities. Branding, although misunderstood at times, offers cities the key to enhancing their reputation as an attractive place to visit or do business. During these tough economic times, five of the central tenants of branding should be at the heart of the marketing programs of forward looking cities.  

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Destination Brand Dictionary

by Bill Baker / Total Destination Management

The following terms and definitions are provided by Bill Baker of Total Destination Marketing to assist your understanding of some of the basic terms and concepts that you may encounter in destination branding.  

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