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Destination Marketing and Economic Development: Creating a Singular Place Brand

by Longwoods International

Many of us have long believed that Destination Marketing possesses an impact far greater than simply "heads in beds." That belief has now been quantified in a breakthrough study by Longwoods International and authored by our friend George Zimmerman.

Longwoods International surveyed more than 18,000 consumers regarding 10 destination marketing campaigns, a combination of cities, states and regions. And while the data points varied somewhat by destination, the results of this research were consistent across all destinations. In every case, tourism advertising by a destination and subsequent visitation significantly improved the image of that destination not just as a place to visit, but also for a wide range of other economic development objectives.

Click HERE for the link to the article.


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Branding for Small Communities

by Marcy Jarrett of Visit Enid

Branding has become one of the most powerful tools in marketing destinations. This paper by Marcy Jarrett discusses the branding process as it relates to communities under 50,000. Included are successful processes that can be adapted for any size community.

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Brewery Tourism

Presentation by Jennifer Francioni Kraftchick, Erick T Byrd, Bonnie Canzini and Nancy J Gladwell at STS

Who knew? Brewery Tourism.  CLICK HERE to download the pdf of the presentation at STS.
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8 New B2B Video Content Marketing Trends

by Jess Ostroff via Convince and Convert

While it’s well understood that video marketing is an extremely unique and valuable tactic to reach consumers effectively, marketers often feel paralyzed by the daunting task of creating useful videos. Creating great video content isn’t easy, but these words of advice from some of the most prominent thought leaders in video marketing can help guide your strategy and point you toward high engagement (and ultimately sales) from your customers. CLICK HERE to learn the 8 Trends of B2B Video Success.

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Digital Engagement Ranking: US State Tourism Office Edition Q3/2014

From Dave Serino & TwoSix Digital

TwoSix Digital presents the first-ever Digital Engagement Ranking, featuring a digital and social media ranking of the 50 United States Tourism Offices.There is a detailed breakdown of the ranking criteria and weighting scale within the report. This report covers the third quarter of 2014. CLICK HERE to see the results.

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