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Reviews, Reputation & ROI: Getting the Most out of TripAdvisor

Presentation by Steve Paganelli at the 2014 North Dakota Tourism Conference

Consumer Reviews are a huge part of consumers' decision process, TripAdvisor's Steve Paganelli offers tips on how DMO pros can improve their destination's image (and ROI) through TripAdvisor's tools. You can view the presentation deck HERE.

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The State of the International Traveler

Presentation by Destination Analysts' Erin Francis-Cummings at the 2014 North Dakota Tourism Conference

Destination Analysts' Erin Francis Cummings shares their latest findings into the psyche of international tourists and what they seek in a travel experience. You can view the presentation slides HERE.

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The Outdoor Recreation Economy

by the Outdoor Industry Association

Most of us understand the increasing interest in Outdoor Adventure and Recreation…but the numbers are significantly bigger than most previously thought. Click HERE for this 2012 study from the Outdoor Adventure Association that quantifies the impact and opportunities of this market.

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The Value of Culinary Tourism

Presentation by Rebecca LeHeup & Chris Grebner at the 2013 Iowa Tourism Conference

Get inside the mind of the Culinary Tourism in this deck from the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance's Rebecca LeHeup & Chris Grebner, presented at the 2013 Iowa Tourism Conference.

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Welcoming Chinese Visitors: Are you China Ready?

Presentation by Jason Pacheo from the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference

Learn about the cultural and travel style of the Chinese consumer in this presentation deck from Jason Pacheo of BRC Marketing from the 2013 Hawaii Tourism Conference.

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