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Friday, July 4, 2014

What is Your Destination’s BrandPromise Commitment?

by Duane Knapp

What is Your Destination's BrandPromise Commitment?
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Thinking like a brand requires a different mindset, perspectiveand approach than just business as usual. The BrandPromiseCommitment is the key to this different approach and isabsolutely fundamental to creating, developing or enhancing anew or existing Genuine Brand.

A BrandPromise communicates three inherentattributes:

• Something will be done.

• There is an expressed assurance.

• A perception of future excellence and achievement.

A promise is written to define the intended functional andemotional benefits from the guest’s point of view afterexperiencing an organization’s products and services. Because itincorporates the guest’s viewpoint, a promise is distinctlydifferent from a mission or vision statement. The promiserepresents a destination’s commitment to its guests and how itwants them to feel.

Creating a strategy for destinations requires a discipline that isfocused on a BrandPromise Commitment that will be deliveredas an exceptional experience for their guests. A destination’spromise should result in a distinctive and valued perceptionthat results in “preference” or “insistence” that it is muchmore desirable than other competing destinations.


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The promise should serve as the “guiding star” foreverything a destination does. Its primary purpose is to communicate clearly what the brand stands forto every stakeholder (guests, employees, agents,representatives, etc.) associated with an organization.


In order to develop an effective promise an organizationmust focus on answering three primary questions:

• What is our brand experience in?

• What differentiates our products and servicesfrom competitors?

• What is superior about the value we offerour guests?

Guests develop their perception of value through asubjective feeling that is the result of comparing a brand’sproduct and service offerings with those of its competitorsbased on their own needs, preferences, buying behaviorand characteristics. Thus, a guest’s perception of valueconstantly changes. Consequently, the brand’s ability todeliver value and delight guests is deeply rooted in thepromise. Growth comes from serving guests better(not bigger) and concentrating on the brand’s distinctivecompetence.Genuine Brands make a promise and they deliver on thatpromise consistently, eagerly and at the guest’sconvenience. The power of a promise is based on guest’sfeelings toward a destination and what they say about abrand to their friends and family.

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